We reached the finish line, and the writers chose to play it safe.  No Mason’s were killed in the making of this series, even though the producers promised us ‘significant deaths’.  Should Ben have died as he was part Esphani? Did Pope get a proper sent off?  Was Jeff Fahey properly used as a guest […]
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Interview with Carl the Skitter (Now we know where the effects budget went) Nazca Lines from Wikipedia (Will this be another plot device, or will we get a real answer?) Two different reunions this week with different outcomes.  Is Pope really dead.  The odds are NO!!  Who dies in the next episode? Twitter has Tom […]
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Two episode left, and we spend the last two on filler.  We did get music back on the podcast. Art calls it that Marshall was an alien. Noah Wyle direct this episode.  His first in a directors chair. Another new alien (see picture). Is this alien and the Rebecca alien the same? Cochise needs to […]
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What?? No  mourning for the loss of Col. Weaver’s pony tail?? Just when you though you could march straight into Washington, an overlord throws a wrench in the works. Did Tom avoid a possession by swatting a bug from his neck in the first episode? It looks like we will not have a Hal/Maggie/Isabella triangle. […]
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Tom gets a taste of paradise this week as he is taken in by a family who have managed to remain isolated from the war.  The practical side of prepping is shown as the family has ?  But at least they have found the enigma code. power, running water, food, and ICE!!   In five seasons […]
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Pope gathers a few flesh wounds in this episode.  Once again, Art incorrectly calls the fate of Pope. Were we introduced to the end of the Ben/Hal/Maggie triangle? (We hope so!!!)  Is a muscle car a good tactical weapon? Will it be sacrificed for the greater good?  Is Tom going to be the Mason that […]
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Pope loses it in this episode.  We focus on grief as the main theme and how it effects several characters this week.  Some have closure and other go off the deep end.   Karen and Art disagree if Pope makes it beyond the next episode?  Is Collin Cunningham glad he doesn’t have to wear that […]
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We say goodbye to three characters in this episode.  Sara was the surprise, but we were promised that there would be major character deaths this season.  The major setups for the balance of the season will be the conflict between Pope and Tom, the trip to Fayetteville, and the trip to Washington, DC.  Will the […]
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In this episode, Art and Karen learn that skitters do not taste like chicken.  Why is it the person who could go the longest without eating always in the front of the food line? Will the new problem for the 2nd Mass be something small.  Matt has a girlfriend, will he have a better outcome? […]
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Season 5 starts with the rehash of same themes from prior seasons.  Have the new showrunners not looked at prior work?  We have been promised a few things this season. 1) Why was there an invasion?  There will be major character deaths.  Is the Hal, Ben,and Maggie triangle run its course? What is now replacing […]
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