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The Falling Skies Podcast

Aug 12, 2013

The Volm appear in spades in the third season finale.   The opening for today’s show was sung by Peter Allen.  We reach the end of season three with no real cliffhanger as we had the first two seasons.  Will we be talking about the show over the winter? The role of adolescent Lexi is […]

Aug 4, 2013

Season 4 will have 12 episodes In this episode of Falling Skies, we learn that Tom is an accomplished sailor.  Lourdes outs herself as the mole. Seychelle Gabriel does some of her best acting of the series. Maggie and Hal patch things up.  Is Anthony scaring us by kissing grenades and having C4 on hand? […]

Jul 27, 2013

So… Boston, New York, Chicago, Jacksonville. Art & Karen rate this episode as one of the top three of the series.  Did you spot all the Easter eggs in this episode?  Was Doug Jones glad to have an episode where he didn’t have to wear make-up? We get to meet “Jazz Pants”.  If you could […]

Jul 20, 2013

 Falling Skies Emmy nomination for outstanding visual effects  The mole is revealed, and the house pays those who picked Lourdes.  Did anyone really see that coming? Question will revolve around how she became infected, and will she be gone by season’s end. I had hoped Stephen Collins was going to be in more then two...

Jul 14, 2013

This episode of Falling Skies was brought to you by Goodyear.  The answer of the week is “It doesn’t matter now”. Art and Karen visit another Falling skies/Xfinity event and score some t-shirts. Are the writers purposely make Lourdes look incompetent as a doctor. Is Marina the Manchurian Candidate? Shouts this...