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The Falling Skies Podcast

Sep 14, 2014

Art and Karen discuss the final episode of Season 4.  The big questions are “Where is Tom?” Art is asking “When is TOM?”  Is Mira on the Beemer or did she go down with the ship? Is Tom’s first wife a Alien/Human Hybrid? How does the war end? Survey: Who makes it to the end? […]

Sep 3, 2014

  Better late then never.  Is Lexi a force for good or evil? Survey: Who makes it to the end? Listener Line:720-279-4365 Subscribe To The Falling Skies Podcast:

Aug 24, 2014

This episode is dedicated to Paul Anka and his hit classic “Puppy Love”.  Cochise uses a View Master and says a few dirty works.  Shame on you Hal, for treating women as property.   Props to one of our listeners for identifying  a poem by Emily Dickinson as the reference to the title of last […]

Aug 17, 2014

This episode should have been titled, “A Case of the Yips”. We are still trying to figure out what the episode title refers to.  Could Pope and Sara at least have bathed before doing the dirty deed? Has Dingaan gone soft over the death of his family?  We now know why Sara had such a […]

Aug 10, 2014

We say good-bye to three characters on the show this week. Lourdes (on the show from the pilot), Dr. Kadar (season 3), and Tector (season 2).  Be careful when you ask for around Lexi.  With the infrastructure gone, how can there be an active high pressure gas line? This was one way to reduce the […]