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The Falling Skies Podcast

Jul 26, 2014

 This weeks episode is a transition episode.  Our characters are almost back together,and then the real action should begin. We have listener feedback. Information from San Diego Comic Con. Spoilers galore. We also will be handicapping who will be there at the end. The candidates are: Tom Mason Hal Mason Ben Mason Matt...

Jul 20, 2014

Mira Sorvino joins the cast as a female Pope.  Nothing good can come from this.  The cancellation of the show was announced this week.  At least it will get a conclusion, many shows are not as lucky. With 18 episodes remaining in the series, the question now is: “Who will make it to the end?” […]

Jul 13, 2014

From the last scene in this episode, will we be seeing the new Skitters this week? Will Matt be rescued before Cochise can save him? What will become of Lexi now that Anne has found her?  How many episodes will go by before Tom and Pope are at each others throats? Another scene this week […]

Jul 5, 2014

Art and Karen review this weeks episode of Falling Skies titled “The Eye”.  We discuss the upcoming conflicts.  With Hal staring at the full moon, Art reinforces his theory that the moon will be blown up by season end.  We begin to handicap which female characters will meet their demise. (…and missing Crazy...